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We connect ideas, talent and capital to build companies that redefine the present and future of Latin America.


We connect ideas, talent and capital to build and scale technology companies from Latam to the world. 

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We connect ideas, talent and capital to build companies that redefine the present and future of Latin America.

At CSL we don't just invest
in ideas, we invest in you.

As dedicated co-founders , we bring talent, collaboration and the expertise of our partners, investors and founders.

Why we do it

We believe that Latam has the ecosystem and talent to build truly innovative and competitive startups that impacts and changes Latin America and the world. We believe there is a special opportunity for value creation, capture and distribute it between Latam and USA, a great opportunity in the Fintech and Healthtech industries from Latam to USA and vice versa.

That is why we are co-creating, investing and operating technology companies under a new model with a founder's soul, venture capital incentives and private equity timing (3-5 years).

We are doing things differently, starting with our partners speciality, Fintech. 

Unlocking Fintech Potential with Embedded Banking & Payments

Fidi allows Banks, Companies and Startups to create new Fintech products and services. For Banks, Fidi facilitates the technology, operation and compliance, allowing Companies and Startups to create their Fintech products from a single platform, in a simple, economical and scalable way.


The first Digital Bank created especially for the +30 million GigWorkers in Latam

The delivery and transportation industry has more than 50 million workers in Latin America. They have specific financial product needs, as well as specific behavior, income sources, needs and spending preferences. Gliber provides them with tailored Accounts, Cards, Advances and Microcredits.


New ways to build your income and real estate wealth

Wallstate allows its users to diversify their portfolio by investing in development funds and recover their capital at the end of the projects. It also opens up the possibility of investing in assets with monthly income and capital appreciation, which can then be sold in secondary markets.


Loanyalty changes lives and businesses, promoting financial health and work purpose.

Loanyalty rewards the trajectory and work commitment. Each person's financial situation is different and therefore this solution adapts to the capabilities and needs of each person.